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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 30, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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why has he not referenced it at any point in time. we have had a gun debate that is ongoing, you would have thought it would have been a point of reference. i tell what i do think. i think he should invite me to camp david and we'll go skeet shooting and i'll beat him. >> sean: he is the guy that keeps claiming he is going to reach across the aisle and it's those evil republicans, they are ones refusing to negotiate. today we finally got our answer. watch this. >> marsha blackburn has challenged the president, comments about skeet shooting at camp david. she is skeptical of it. she says she is better skeet shooter and wants to be invited for a contest. your reaction. >> i have none. >> sean: i think the president is so scared to accept the challenge. you see this.
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perhaps it's because skeet shooting pro 1 ess is equal to bowling skills. his bowling is pretty bad. i would challenge him to bowling or a golf match. that is all the time we have this evening. greta is standing by to go on the record. we'll see you tomorrow night. greta? >> greta: this is a fox news alert. breaking news out of alabama. at this hour a gunman is holding a six-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker. he grabbed the boy after shooting the bus driver to death. elizabeth pran has the latest. what is going onscene. have they made some sort of connection with this man and had bunker? >> they have made a connection with the suspect. in fact they are going to doing
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so and beefing up resources. four or five trucks arrived and helicopter arrived just hours ago, beefing up not only local but federal efforts to get in touch with this vehicle. sheriff's department telling us not to use live crime scene video showing tactical plans, snipers and s.w.a.t. teams arriving at the house. they didn't explain why, but we did learn that there is one television inside the budger. what we do know, they are in constant communication with the suspect where he is holding the six-year-old boy captive. police do say he is safe. >> i can assure you that the negotiators continue to communicate with the suspect. at this time, we have no reason to believe the child has been harmed. >> reporter: now the situation remaining very tense. in fact they expanded an area behind that was evacuated. there is about 20 families who were homeless this evening. we spoke with one of the family
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members who has been watching their neighbor build this bunker over a year putting final touches on it in the last week. >> he has a metal bunker he has had for a while. he has pvc piping within the last month. it comes out and sticks into the roof and it's about this high up off the ground. >> reporter: there is a press conference scheduled for 11:00 p.m. if there are any details, we'll bring them to you immediately. >> greta: tell me, when did this kidnapping take place? >> reporter: it took place when the kids were arriving home from school yesterday. it happened right in the neighborhood behind me. the gunman barged his way into the school bus and that is when he told the bus driver he wanted two children to come with him. the bus driver at that time said
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i'm not okay with that. that is not going to happen and that is when he fatally shoot the bus driver who later died at the hospital. he took the little boy off the bus and he with inside them. >> greta: he has been in the bunker about 30 hours. >> reporter: it's 30 hours and constantly speaking with authorities. they have not given us a lot of information. they haven't confirmed with us the name of the suspect or haven't confirmed the name of the boy, whether or not he has any medical conditions. the only thing that we did learn today is the name of the bus driver and the facts he had a relationship with the suspect. they allegedly met the day before. so certainly a lot of details that we're looking for answers and hoping to get those tonight within the next few hours and if not by early tomorrow morning. >> greta: thank you, elizabeth. an alabama state representative has been speaking
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with the captive's six-year-old family. representative, i can't imagine how the family is enduring this. can you tell me what they said to you? >> they are just hanging on by a thread. i spent time with them last night and all day today, mother is trying to get some rest tonight at an undisclosed location. they are praying and whole county is praying. we had five prayer vigils so everybody is praying for a good outcome. we know that we still have the murder of the bus driver. his family is devastated and he is a hero for saving the children. he wokep, started the day as a bus driver and he ended as a hero. >> greta: has the family been able to speak with the child in the bunker? do you know what the child has been doing for 30 hours? >> i don't know what he has been
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doing. i know they have not spoken to him. he wanted some coloring books. they were able to get some coloring books today. >> greta: has any demands been made? what does this guy want? >> i don't know. the police have not released that type of information. >> greta: so there is no indication he threatened the boy or anything like that? >> not that i know of. >> greta: and the police, i imagine, they are pretty tight-lipped. you don't know this guy, right? >> no, i don't know him. from what i understand he may be relatively new to this part. country. i don't know his history. >> greta: representative, thank you, sir. we are standing by for an update. we'll bring that to you shortly. now, the latest news about our
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economy and it is so grim. shrinking in the fourth quarter. biggest dip in three years. instead of jumping into high gear to figure out what to do to reverse the economic bad news, top democrats use their time to play the blame game. they say it's all the republicans' fault. >> the economy shrunk. last three months our economy shrunk. >> new report suggests that the economy still has not really fully recovered from the financial crisis four years ago. >> now the democrats, this is the best looking contraction it has ever been in this country. >> it's beyond the flirtation with default to see republican leaders say, i got sequester in my back pocket -- this is not a game. >> you remember what the administration's growth forecast were for the next three to four
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years. it was anywhere between 3-4 1/2%. >> have you heard poor men spending themselves into prosperity. it's dumb. >> there is more work to do in our economy and facing a major headwinds. that is republicans in congress. >> if there were republican in white house we would never come out of recession. if there was a republican in the white house it would be depression. we would be doing impeachment hearing by now. >> greta: nancy pelosi blaming the republicans. in a statement, today's disappointing g.d.p. report is direct result of the strategy of obstruction and manufactured crisis. so what do republicans say about all the finger pointing. alan west joins us. good evening. tell me what you think about the finger pointing. >> good evening.
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thanks for having me on. the most important thing you can understand is that leaders take responsibility. they start looking for solutions. this is not a blame game. there is plenty of blame to go around in washington, d.c. when you look at who the chief executive officer of united states america, that is person that resides at 1600 pennsylvania. when we heard the news about this stimulus package that was going to be spent back in 2009, some of these projections as far as unemployment, as far as g.d.p. growth, we have not met those. i think they thing should happen right now, i know art laffer was on with some of the shows. art laugh ser economic advisor at ronald reagan. at this point in time they had 7.9% g.d.p. growth. they had the right policies to make sure that we turned the economy around then. i think those same principles will work today. >> greta: two issues on the table here.
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number one, what is wrong with the economy. are the policies correct and leading us in the right direction. the other is immediate response by washington. some in washington to the very grim news. americans woke up this morning to feel extreme pain, the economy shrunk and suddenly first thing they hear out of washington is leader pelosi and jay carney blaming republicans and marco rubio was quick to release a statement, casting the blame right back on president obama. there is no, let's jump into this. let's solve this problem. they immediately start to blame. >> you are absolutely right. one of the things we have to look at, how do we get capital flowing back in the united states economy so we do have growth. we have expansion of small businesses. we look at keorpt business tax rate which is the highest in the world we need to turn that around so we can create opportunities and get people hired and start producing again. another thing we have to be concerned about with this anemic
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almost retrograde g.d.p. number, you have a federal government that spending 25% of our degrees domestic product and that is going to increase from 30-31% over the next eight to ten years. once again, we have to look at the spending that is being done up in washington, d.c. here in january you see with the payroll tax cut that was taken from 4.2%, went back to 6.2%. you have a lot of people seeing that missing revenue in their state checks. you have eight new taxes from the affordable care act. >> greta: if i were a member of congress, i would hope the president or the white house press secretary, i would hope that if i woke up and saw a shrinking economy, i would think to myself, what am i doing wrong? i'm a political leader. i'm a member of congress or whatever. what is it that i am doing
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wrong. i would hope that my first thought would fire off a statement, saying it's my political opponent. is that really what is wrong with washington. the first reaction by at least as far as i can tell by jay carney and also by leader pelos si and even marco rubio and release a statement criticizing the other side. there is no self-refleck shown on how to improve things? >> it's the sir collar firing squad in that case nobody wins who are looking for leaders that can sit down and analyze the situation and come up with solutions. einstein said clearly the definition of insanity is continue to do the compact sail thing and look for different results. how the federal reserve is going to stimulate to the economy to the tune of about $85 billion that they are printing to buy up our own debt and treasury bonds
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to stimulated the economy that way. that is not the way to do it. you have to get the right monetary policy to turn this economy around. >> greta: look at jay carney, he blames republicans but neglects to include that democrats and republicans agreed to the 2011 debt ceiling with that set in motion with more than $500 billion in defense cuts. it's a selective mind of everybody. this was -- if the defense cuts are contributing to this, or anything, you have to look at the fact who agreed to it. it was both parties. >> you are absolutely right. also, i think more carney needs to understand that the whole term of sequester emanated out of the white house. we have to start sitting down and saying the direction we are going is not right. what do we need to do as far as the personal income tax rate to stimulate growth especially sub
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chapter "s" corporations. what week do with dividend situation. people were concerned about the dividend tax rate. we need to look at regulatory policy. already we have seen 5700 pages of new regulations from the federal government. that is going effect this economy. we need the effective monetary policy also. >> those are the correct solutions. those are good ideas. we have real leadership where people are willing to rise above and sit down and see what works and what doesn't work. that is not what we have. instead we have, it's pointing fingers in this town which is so counterproductive. nice to see you, sir. >> always a pleasure, thank you. >> greta: it's not just a blame game. republicans and democrats dueling over government
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spending. mary landrieu denying that washington has a spending problem. >> greta: speaker. house boehner, jim demint joins us. if we have no spending problem, why do we need to extended debt ceiling. why do we need more money? >> the president is running out of excuses. he can't blame the last administration because he is the last administration. president obama has spent more and created more debt than any president in history. yet we've got the slowest recovery of any recovery in history. i spent last summer going around my state talking to small businesses, dozens of them. it's very clear to me what is
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happening now. they were already beginning to pull back because of the expected costs of obamacare. the dodd-frank legislation that was federal takeover of financial system is making it harder for businesses to get loans. you look at the expected tax increases which businesses we're trying to plan for. uncertainty goes back to the president's policies. it's not obstruction, i wish we had more of it. policies in place are hurting our economy. even more than that, the uncertainty from the mounting debt on individual americans is putting us in a position where it's going to be harder to dig out of it. >> greta: if we don't agree the promises are hard to solve it. if president obama did say to speaker boehner that we don't have a spending problem, even on the debt commission even after the economy recovering, federal spending is projected to increase faster than revenues so
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the government will continue to borrow money to spend. that sounds like a spending problem? >> we have doubled spending in the last ten years. revenues this year will be historic highs. so you don't have to guess where the problem is. we are spending too much. we need to cut spending. we need to do it in a predict way so we don't shake up the economy. the fact there has been no defense spending cuts yet. >> greta: not yet. >> so for them to blame the negative growth on that was certainly part of that as defense contractors begin to pull back. this started last summer. businesses all over the country beginning to pare back their plans end of last year, to all the policies that president obama put in place. >> greta: i think it's the insanity that was going on. the fact that nobody knew what his or her taxes were going to be. it wasn't as though -- for the life of me i can't understand
7:18 pm
how people in good conscious. a year and a half ago, they created a deadline about raising taxes. we knew taxes were going up. they waited a year and a half and burning the midnight oil. >> it was all theater. >> and then they sit back and do nothing. all because the president, the senate and house don't do their job on time and when they get to the end of the deadline, they create new deadlines? >> they try to use the drama and theater and force something through that otherwise couldn't pass. we have temporary tax policies, temporary -- unknown regulations that are coming out at a faster rate. i was in small business for over 15 years. i don't know how anyone can operate in 24 environment. i have had businesses show me two plans. taxes went up which they did,
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they were going to cut back on 25 people. this was 150-person firm. it's common sense, we don't have to guess was at what is happening. it's not republican obstruction. the fact is, it's the policies that the president has put in place is making it more and more difficult for businesses to succeed. >> it's disheartening because people are parking money, not making investment decisions but it's because they feel overwhelmed by policies they don't understand. we were trying to figure out about the healthcare. 'if weir struggling to figure out what that is, that is not a good use of your time. instead of making things simple and effective and efficient and fair, we're getting all these thousands of regulations that are confusing and stagnant and just enrage go people. >> businesses have to have a
7:20 pm
fleet of lawyers to figure out obamacare. they are afraid of being penalizes. they wanted to keep the employee count down. as a businessman, it's pretty clear what is happening here and it's just bad economic policy. even worse, the spending. we're not talking about it enough. president says it is no problem. we're spending more than we're bringing in. >> greta: if spending is not a problem, they then why raise the debt ceiling? >> the goal now of the whole conservative movement is push congress to put our country on a path to a balanced budget. president calls that radical. over ten-year period, if we don't stop spending we're going to bankrupt our country. >> greta: do you think washington has a spending problem or not? go to to greta menendez denying allegations that he engaged with prostitutes
7:21 pm
after a raid in florida. latest next. also, and most unpopular part of obamacare. individual mandate. who is going to have to pay and how much. all that decided by bureaucrats. that controversy coming up. and which couple is back together? and what is set twitter on fire. the scenes coming up. c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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>>. >> greta: tonight, new jersey senator robert menendez. doctor is a friend of senator and daily caller that the senator traveled on the doctor's plane to the dominican republic
7:25 pm
to en gauge with sex with prostitutes. here with the latest. neil, first of all there is late breaking news tonight. about he and his travel. >> that is right. just this evening there is an nbc report that actually reporting that the senator's office acknowledged they had not paid for two of the trips on the plane of the doctor that is in question here in the f.b.i. a raid that raze the specter and inevitability there is some sort of ethics investigation going on regarding the improper use of funds and improper disclosure of funds. even if there is as the senator is denying the prostitution component of it. >> greta: he has released a statement tonight. he has flat out denied prostitution. but where does this allegation first started on a website, right?
7:26 pm
>> right. the allegation surfaced on the daily caller website last november. there has been difficulty substantiating some of those allegations, but it was basically there were a couple prostitutes in the dominican republic who claimed that the senator was a client. that has been denied. it's only been in the last week or so that this f.b.i. investigation of the doctor has come to light in florida. that is where this sort of seems to be moving now. >> greta: and website is conservative website. the senator is a democratic senator and democratic senator, some of his supporters, conservatives are trying to get him because she democrat. is it possible that this raid of this doctor's office is unrelated to senator menendez? >> that is plausible because this doctor has a tax lien has
7:27 pm
had an irs lean against him in the past according to the miami herald. it's also reported by the maim herald that he was at this facility. health and human services agents involved in the raid which suggest the possibility some kind of medicare fraud investigation which would be more routine. >> greta: one last question. is prostitution illegal in the dominican republic. i don't know, but that may put another twist on it. it may be a tavern dr y story? >> prostitution per se is not illegal in dominican republic but u.s. federal law that prohibits a u.s. national from engaging in prostitution with underaged prostitutes wherever they are in the world. >> greta: is there an allegation this is underage? >> there is some questions about the ages of the people in question, yes.
7:28 pm
>> we have to emphasize, to be fair, he denies it and this is a developing story. we'll see the blanks filled in as the days go on. coming up, political trouble brewing in the lone star state. is governor perry getting a challenge by another big name texan. that is coming up. and plus the foreclosure capital of america, and american city tonight on the brink. which one? what is going to happen? find out next. and "a" list couple surprise, which got back together after a bad public break-up. see for yourself coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing e all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. and i was told to call my next of kin.
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>>. >> greta: this is a fox news alert weeflt an update from alabama where a gunman is holding a six-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker. he shot a bus driver to death. we go to elizabeth prann. elizabeth, the child i understand is sick or needs medicine? >> reporter: police have not confirmed that but we did hear that from one state representative. six-year-old boy really just right behind me in the neighborhood. that is where we know he has been there since yesterday afternoon. we heard from a representative that has met with the family and the family hasn't been able to talk to their son but they gave
7:33 pm
authorities coloring books that medications he needs. he has been able to watch television. like i said he has been there 4:00 yesterday afternoon. when the suspect snatched him right off the school bus at a bus stop. bus driver right before his eyes. we're also learning more about the suspect in this case. we know that neighbors say he is really been a menace and killed a number of dogs allegedly. he has been building the bunkers for the past few years at all hours of night. he would walk around with a shotgun and make threatening comments. about 20 homes have been evacuated. they have no idea when they can return. as far as the suspect is concerned, he was supposed to be in court today because he was facing menacing charges because of the threatening comments he ahead h made. >> greta: there is 11:00 press that you will be monitoring and
7:34 pm
we'll be sure to bring it to the viewers. thank you. of course, just a viewing note. if there are new developments we'll bring it immediately. a young child in a bunker being held. individual mandated. the obama administration telling us how the most unpopular part of obamacare will be implemented. irs issuing thousands of new regulations laying out who has to pay and how much. those are some of the 13,000 regulations of the health care law all written by bureaucrats, that you and i didn't elect. adam kissinger joins us. >> how are you doing? >> greta: so what about this. there has been so much mystery and talk about it for the last two years? >> more regulations out of administration. first off, the individual mandate, it's unpopular for a reason.
7:35 pm
it doesn't work, i oppose it. the theory behind is this. everybody will be forced to buy insurance. obviously your share in the risk pool and people aren't going to the emergency rooms. what we saw with the new regulations, obama administration came out and said okay, the penalty, if you don't buy insurance is $95. ultimately it will go up to $700. it's cheaper to pay the penalty. then you also saw in that a whole host of the exemptions for people that don't need to file under the requirement. if you don't have a federal tax burden you won't be penalized. think the individual mandate is wrong. under that theory what this is doing is exempt ago lot of people not buying insurance but not changing part of lay, an individual can say, oh, i got a huge problem. i'm going to buy insurance. i'm going to utilize this insurance until my problem is over and then i'm going to dump it. that cost is placed on everybody else that is owning insurance
7:36 pm
for the long time. penalties are not such that is going to force people to buy insurance, instead they will go back to the emergency room. >> greta: the whole idea, if everybody pitched in, they didn't have exemptions and people could pitch in it would lower the cost for everybody. to the extent that people get exemptions for religious affiliation. there is a bunch of different categories. or take a chance and pay the $95 and not pay individual mandate. costs are going to rise for everybody else. is that true? >> that is right. let's say you decide i'm going to pay $95, or small business owner and put the employees on the public exchange which is cheaper. you decide that and get sick, i'm going to get insurance. it will pay for this problem that i have. then i'm going to dump it and paying the $95, again the whole
7:37 pm
system, the whole theory is flawed. that is why the obama administration frankly promised health insurance costs for a family it's going down $2500 a year. we've already seen it in fact go up $3,000 and we're really at the premium increases we're about to see. this law and lots of theories, this law was built to fail because the next step then is to say, boy, those evil insurance companies they are raising the price even though it's a flawed system and go to a single payer system which is the goal at the very beginning. it's a very scary thing. there is a trust deficit between the american people and the president and we see that today. >> greta: one last word, 2800 pages and every member of congress voted on it didn't read it which i think is peculiar. the people that we never elected or voted for, those are the people that wrote the
7:38 pm
regulations. suddenly the congress and president had outsourced they make these regulations. we're going to see how it plays out. the numbers right now don't add up. congressman, thank you, sir. on to stockton, california where the unemployment is bay above the national average. foreclosure rate is in the nation's top ten. there is more, a rising crime rate to boot. that is definitely not an ad from the local change o chamber of commerce but it is reality in the city of stockton which filed for bankruptcy last year. what happened to stockton? could it happen to your hometown? chris jenkins hit the ground to find out. >> the financial crisis that hit five years ago hit cities all across the country. none was hit harder then one. stockton, california. it has a population of roughly
7:39 pm
300,000 and located 80 miles east of san francisco. it was twice named an all-american city. today, it is the largest city in america to ever file for bankruptcy. it's fighting against unemployment rate that exceeds 14%, foreclosure rate that ranks sixth worst in the u.s. soaring crime that makes it the most dangerous city in california behind oakland. could what happen here happen in your hometown? >> he was mayor of stockton from 2009 to december of 2012. her entire term was dealing with the crisis. >> it was an accumulation of bad choices and bad actions. unknowingly council gave cadillac benefits, cadillac salaries to employees at the time there was money. secondly there was council and mayor that wanted to build great infrastructure and they sold
7:40 pm
lots of bonds at high interest rates. then fact there was no reserve. the city didn't have a savings account. to put the kabash on it was the collapse of the economy and housing market. that really was the nail in the coffin. we don't want any other city in california or nationally to have to go through the ang stt st and heartbreak when i have to go down this path. hardest thing in the world for any of us was to lay people off. to reduce health benefits. to take away retiree health benefits completely. >> cities fall into trap when they are maintaining commitments to public employees or when they float bonds. you need to understand the true cost of the debt you are incurring. if you don't, then it can grow and grow and grow until it crushes you. >> there are a lot of other cities and counties nationwide
7:41 pm
that are wrestling with a lot of the same issues we have been. >> the recession basically laid bare a creeping cancer that was going to get cities sooner or later. they need to take quick and tough action to avert bankruptcy or whether they are going over the cliff like stockton did. >> in stockton you can see the boarded up doors left over flyers and materials. the yard is badly overgrown. but you don't see the foreclosure. it used to be in the yard and every yard but they say it serves as an advertisement for squatters and criminals. >> we have a terrible problem with people coming into vacant foreclosed homes and stripping them. taking everything. they were ripping the drywall off the walls and taking the wiring out and plumbing and toilets and appliances and tile
7:42 pm
and cabinets off the walls. it was horrible. >> greta: stockton is not the only city is struggling. how is your town doing? go to and tell us. >> this one is going to hit you right in the wallet. you are about to lose $5 billion. that is next. in two minutes, beagles and bulldogs which one is the top dog? what is america's favorite. that is two minutes away. and i'm a fish guy. it's a labor of love. it's a lot of labor and it's a lot of love. i don't need to go to the gym. my job is my workout. you're shoveling ice all day long. it's rough on the back. it's rough on the shoulders. i get muscle aches all over. advil® is great. pain and soreness is just out of the picture. [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil®. and for sinus congestion, now you can get advil® combined with a proven decongestant. breathe easier with advil® congestion relief.
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7:48 pm
deal and calling on any speculation about his political future unproductive. is this going to get better. economic news couldn't get worse you saw it wrong. listen to this one. according to a watchdog report. 2008 financial bailout is going to cost you even more than first predicted. why and how much more? your tax financial analyst louise joins us. are we a lot losing more money. >> this is bailout from four years ago. most people think it as the bank bailout because a lot of money was used for banks. really what you see here now, the reason that there are losses predicted have to do with the auto bailout. it has to do with general motors and also with a company called allied financial which was formally called gmac the lending arm of gm. so perhaps lost $27 billion
7:49 pm
predicted by the inspector general of the bailout are mainly due to the auto investments and keep in mind the investments were made to try to keep the economy calm and keep auto workers employed. >> greta: is it going to get works. the treasury owns a lot of gm. if we sold gm right now we would be taken to the cleaners, wouldn't we? >> you are right. the treasury department an entire neighborhood, if they put all the houses in the neighborhood at once the prices will go down. so they have to trickle out. the other thing, for the treasury department to break even on this, the inspector general says we need to sell the gm stock something around $70-71 a share. problem is, gm is trading right now closer to $28 a share. so we'll have to see if the price goes up, otherwise there
7:50 pm
will be losses. >> greta: i understand we thought we were going to lose $22 billion but another $5 billion. we say it's closer to $5 billion. it's a lot more money. these are huge numbers we're getting stuck with? >> we got in number land when you have $700 billion bailout announced. a lot of us loss perspective on the billion dollar numbers. >> greta: one last question. gmc became allied financial but change their name because they are legitimate? >> they did a whole marketing campaign to try to rebrand themselves. the other thing to watch what is going on, how much the executives at allied and gm are being paid. a they are being paid a lot of money the inspector general says. >> greta: thank you. >> straight ahead, brace yourself for this one. do you really need to go to the gym? or is sex the best way to burn
7:51 pm
calories? a new medical report. anything can happen in hollywood. which mega celebrity is back after a nasty break-up. the scenes coming up next.
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>>. >> greta: well, kris brown
7:55 pm
topping our media. people magazine tweeting reian rihanna talking about her reunion. that they are back together. the couple broke up four years ago after brown was convicted of beating rihanna. now saying brown makes her happy. and singer announced sparked outrage on twitter. here are some of the tweets. it's not a question whether he will hit him again. disappointed they are back together. is there word for the opposite of a female role mod personnel i suggest we started using rihanna. and which people would leave them alone. they were in love regardless of the past. it's their life to take itself chance again. now to alicia keys, excited to jump in my new role director of blackberry. and pay passengers to this one. associated press, think sex burns calories, obesity myth.
7:56 pm
don't get rid of your gym membership yet. a new report dispelling the myth that sex burns hundreds of calories. turns out men only burn 21 calories during six minutes of sex. there is no study about woman. >> now to sky news tweeting prince charles takes a rare journey. that was prince charles and camilla. celebrating the birthday of london's under ground. and new york magazine tweeting the senate will have two black members simultaneously for the first time ever. senators are santa clara santa clara senior tim scott and massachusetts senator lynn cohen. what are your favorite tweets today? follow me on app greta wire. coming up. have you gotten your food order messed up before? the secret to drive-thru success is next.
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